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Home additions offer you more space and increased property value.

While you love your home, you may have moments where you find it a bit suffocating, whether because of the lack of space, natural light, or something else. To open up your living area and enjoy a breezier, more versatile space, you might consider home additions.

Home Additions in Southport, North Carolina

Some of the most common home additions include sunrooms, which are attached to a home and feature wall-to-wall windows that allow sunlight to stream in. A sunroom allows you to enjoy a happy medium between being inside and outside, and spending time there can be beneficial for your mental health. Sunrooms are also beautiful and can increase your property’s value. Other home additions we offer include porches and screen rooms, the latter of which are functionally similar to a sunroom but are fully outdoors with mesh screens to prevent insects and debris from intruding as easily.

If you are interested in home additions in Southport, North Carolina, there is no better team to trust for the construction than ours. We have two decades of experience at Drake Construction and carry an unlimited general contractor’s license, so you can count on our expertise when you turn to us for home additions. We will discuss your goals attentively and dedicate ourselves to creating high-quality home additions you will love for years to come. We can also tell you what to expect from the construction process if you have not been through major construction on your home before. Contact us today to learn more.

At Drake Construction, we construct home additions for customers in Southport, Winnabow, Boiling Spring Lakes, St. James, Arbor Creek, Bolivia, Leland, Supply, and Oak Island, North Carolina, as well as throughout Brunswick County.